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Calico Creations

Proprietor/Designer Name: Calico Ingmann
Type of item/services: Men's hair, women's hair
Price Range: 200L for a four-pack, 2000L for a fat-pack.
Location: Calico Kitty (125, 22, 26)
Quality: ****
Newbie-friendly: There's some 10L hair near the front.
Customer Service: Designer is open to IMs.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: There's a half off section for both men and women's hair.
Other locations: Darkrose (46, 162, 23) and Butsu (19, 44, 22)
Designer Blog:
Mailing List: Calico Creations

Items reviewed: Elizabeth, Diana, Sarah II and Calico hairstyles.

As mentioned before in my silent sparrow review, I met Ms. Ingmann through the Simone! Supermodels contest. I won't rehash, you can go read the silent sparrow review. I'll also note that I was supposed to be showing Calico hair at that show I couldn't model in, sooo... here's the review instead! Hope that makes up for it somewhat. I've been meaning to do a review on her hair anyway, since I wear it a lot and use it in my jewelry ads.

The first hairstyle is called Elizabeth and is a long style, shown here in copper. I love the way she made the hair curl up in the back, it looks far more natural that way. I also really like that a portion of the hair is pulled up onto the top of the head - it's just a really cute hairstyle.

Click to enlarge.

I really like long styles but for whatever reason I don't wear them as often. It's kind of the same in real life (warning! Digression occurring!) - I had incredibly long hair for years and years, but mostly pulled it back. After I got married I cut over a foot off. (My husband wouldn't let me cut it before the wedding, he loved it long and that's what he remembers most about me when we first met, but didn't meet. It's a gushy story, I won't bore you.) This isn't the first time I've done this, just the most recent. It's growing out again, but even short I still usually pull it back. Maybe it's 'cuz I'm lazy, but I find myself gravitating more towards updos and such in SL, too. I guess 'cuz my hair never looks as elegant as some of the updos I can buy in SL.

The second hairstyle is one of the, if not THE, most elegant hairstyles I own. It's called Diana (shown in blood) and I adore it. I feel so sophisticated when I put it on. Hair is pulled back to expose the face and fastened into a neat chignon that's placed low on the head. The little jeweled clasp clipping it back is a fantastic touch and makes me think "art deco". This is no everyday updo, this is something that you need to wear with a low backed gown showing lots of beautiful back and neck for the guys to drool over. I only wish my hair could look this good in real life. Now I just need to find the perfect gown to go with this hair.

The third hairstyle is called Sarah II in flaming fire (the name of this color amuses me). It's a fun, flirty hairstyle and is very similar to the messiness and easy-flowing nature of my real life hairstyles. Except I don't usually use clips as cute as the one in this hairstyle, and my hair only stays clipped for a few minutes before wispiness escapes everywhere. But still! This evokes the easy-going nature of a quick and convenient hairstyle that has updo elements and still remains totally casual.

Finally, the third hairstyle is an updo that Ms. Ingmann named after herself, shown here in frosted golden. Why, do you ask? She designed this hairstyle especially for her wedding to the man of her dreams! Must be great to be a hairstylist, you can have *exactly* the hair you want for your big day. Even better, she's supergood friends with a certain Ms. Tiramisu, who designed her wedding dress for her. How awesome is THAT? I'm kind of jealous. Anyway, so as expected, the hairstyle is sophisticated and works perfectly with a veil. In fact, all of the hair packs come with veils that magically attach to the precise location they need to be in and coincidentally match the replicas of Ms. Ingmann's wedding gown that are for sale right beside the hair. (Also for sale in silent sparrow.) I wore it for all of the hair shots, so I also included a view of the dress so that if you were wondering what those wings were in the shots - well now you know that they're part of the train. I'm modeling the gown in "fire". (Make sure to click on the picture to enlarge it, it's really not that tiny! Um, you might have to go through a couple screens to get to the largest version.)

Click to enlarge.

Calico Creations has a variety of hairstyles to choose from, both for women AND men. Her innovative style has no compunction with breaking boundaries, whether in color or in style. There's a great amount of hairstyles that would be perfect for roleplayers or fans of anime. She frequently collaborates with Ms. Tiramisu (silent sparrow) and recently Ms. Petion and Mr. Carnot (Tete a Pied) on ensembles. Also, she does have more options for making your look uniquely "you" by offering bangs and basic hair choices on her "Build a Hair" wall. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but just guessing - basically it has ponytails that you can combine with different bangs for new looks, in addition to braids and loose options. And another thing I can't vouch for for sure, but word on the street is that she's got the best long male hairstyles on the market. She certainly seems to have the most men's hair options than I've seen pretty much anywhere.

Make-up: Tete a Pied sophisticate (discontinued)
Outfit: Calico Bridal Suite by silent sparrow - 550L

Review Copy: Technically, no.
Friends: Yes.

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