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Charity event tonight!

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry I've been absent from SL, but real life has sooo gotten in the way of my second life! Plus, with the new updates, my computer has been really not taking it well. That, and my husband has been hogging it since he discovered he can watch sports games online (we only get one television station on our T.V.). If you've sent me something and I haven't gotten to it, I apologize. I'm sure that there'll be a rash of posts from me coming up as I go through my inventory.

In the meantime, I wanted to let everyone know about a charity event going on tonight. I even dragged myself into SL long enough to make some jewelry as thank you gifts for donations and Jen Shikami made up some supercute wings that you'll really enjoy if you were an eight-bit player. Ah, nostalgia. You know what I'm talkin' about. ;D

Here are the details:

Child's Play Charity Benefit @ Insert Coin Arcade
Friday, December 14th, 6:00pm (18:00) SLT

* Live Music by Keiko Takamura, 7pm SLT!
* Nerdcore 'n Gamer DJing by Seven Shikami before and after Keiko!

ALL proceeds from game plays, game purchases, and a special tipjar for the duration of the event will go to Child's Play, the Penny Arcade charity for giving toys and games to Children's Hospitals across the world.

People who donate using the tipjar will get special pixel wings, halo, and jewelry as a thank-you.

In addition, Seven and Jen Shikami will match your total donations to triple them up! Every L$1 you give is L$3 for Child's Play! (Up to a maximum of L$95000)

Read more about the charity here:

Come on down for fun, friends, food, and a good cause! Put your quarter up, and game on!
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Public Service Announcement

First off, Coral is busy playing with the dolphins for a while (seriously!) and she's having some computer issues (really, SL issues, thanks to the latest updates and "fixes"), so she'll on hiatus temporarily.

Second of all - if you post anonymous comments with spammage (and by this I mean, "nice shirt, check out for more great designs!) I will be deleting your post (and reporting it as spam, I do log IP addresses) and if it continues I will be disabling anonymous posting.

Remember folks, this blog is not commercial, we do not charge or are paid anything to do it, and the only ads I run are those that came with the blog's setup so we could get a nicer default layout (although Coral has worked on a new layout, I need to get together with her on that :D). I don't appreciate the pimping of commercial sites by anonymous posters. (Actually, I don't appreciate pimping at all, really, unless I'm the one doing it or for some reason requesting it. :D) So don't do it.

Anyway, this has been a public service announcement. You can move along now. And thank you for playing!

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Calico Creations

Proprietor/Designer Name: Calico Ingmann
Type of item/services: Men's hair, women's hair
Price Range: 200L for a four-pack, 2000L for a fat-pack.
Location: Calico Kitty (125, 22, 26)
Quality: ****
Newbie-friendly: There's some 10L hair near the front.
Customer Service: Designer is open to IMs.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: There's a half off section for both men and women's hair.
Other locations: Darkrose (46, 162, 23) and Butsu (19, 44, 22)
Designer Blog:
Mailing List: Calico Creations

Items reviewed: Elizabeth, Diana, Sarah II and Calico hairstyles.

As mentioned before in my silent sparrow review, I met Ms. Ingmann through the Simone! Supermodels contest. I won't rehash, you can go read the silent sparrow review. I'll also note that I was supposed to be showing Calico hair at that show I couldn't model in, sooo... here's the review instead! Hope that makes up for it somewhat. I've been meaning to do a review on her hair anyway, since I wear it a lot and use it in my jewelry ads.

The first hairstyle is called Elizabeth and is a long style, shown here in copper. I love the way she made the hair curl up in the back, it looks far more natural that way. I also really like that a portion of the hair is pulled up onto the top of the head - it's just a really cute hairstyle.

Click to enlarge.

I really like long styles but for whatever reason I don't wear them as often. It's kind of the same in real life (warning! Digression occurring!) - I had incredibly long hair for years and years, but mostly pulled it back. After I got married I cut over a foot off. (My husband wouldn't let me cut it before the wedding, he loved it long and that's what he remembers most about me when we first met, but didn't meet. It's a gushy story, I won't bore you.) This isn't the first time I've done this, just the most recent. It's growing out again, but even short I still usually pull it back. Maybe it's 'cuz I'm lazy, but I find myself gravitating more towards updos and such in SL, too. I guess 'cuz my hair never looks as elegant as some of the updos I can buy in SL.

The second hairstyle is one of the, if not THE, most elegant hairstyles I own. It's called Diana (shown in blood) and I adore it. I feel so sophisticated when I put it on. Hair is pulled back to expose the face and fastened into a neat chignon that's placed low on the head. The little jeweled clasp clipping it back is a fantastic touch and makes me think "art deco". This is no everyday updo, this is something that you need to wear with a low backed gown showing lots of beautiful back and neck for the guys to drool over. I only wish my hair could look this good in real life. Now I just need to find the perfect gown to go with this hair.

The third hairstyle is called Sarah II in flaming fire (the name of this color amuses me). It's a fun, flirty hairstyle and is very similar to the messiness and easy-flowing nature of my real life hairstyles. Except I don't usually use clips as cute as the one in this hairstyle, and my hair only stays clipped for a few minutes before wispiness escapes everywhere. But still! This evokes the easy-going nature of a quick and convenient hairstyle that has updo elements and still remains totally casual.

Finally, the third hairstyle is an updo that Ms. Ingmann named after herself, shown here in frosted golden. Why, do you ask? She designed this hairstyle especially for her wedding to the man of her dreams! Must be great to be a hairstylist, you can have *exactly* the hair you want for your big day. Even better, she's supergood friends with a certain Ms. Tiramisu, who designed her wedding dress for her. How awesome is THAT? I'm kind of jealous. Anyway, so as expected, the hairstyle is sophisticated and works perfectly with a veil. In fact, all of the hair packs come with veils that magically attach to the precise location they need to be in and coincidentally match the replicas of Ms. Ingmann's wedding gown that are for sale right beside the hair. (Also for sale in silent sparrow.) I wore it for all of the hair shots, so I also included a view of the dress so that if you were wondering what those wings were in the shots - well now you know that they're part of the train. I'm modeling the gown in "fire". (Make sure to click on the picture to enlarge it, it's really not that tiny! Um, you might have to go through a couple screens to get to the largest version.)

Click to enlarge.

Calico Creations has a variety of hairstyles to choose from, both for women AND men. Her innovative style has no compunction with breaking boundaries, whether in color or in style. There's a great amount of hairstyles that would be perfect for roleplayers or fans of anime. She frequently collaborates with Ms. Tiramisu (silent sparrow) and recently Ms. Petion and Mr. Carnot (Tete a Pied) on ensembles. Also, she does have more options for making your look uniquely "you" by offering bangs and basic hair choices on her "Build a Hair" wall. I'm not entirely sure how it works, but just guessing - basically it has ponytails that you can combine with different bangs for new looks, in addition to braids and loose options. And another thing I can't vouch for for sure, but word on the street is that she's got the best long male hairstyles on the market. She certainly seems to have the most men's hair options than I've seen pretty much anywhere.

Make-up: Tete a Pied sophisticate (discontinued)
Outfit: Calico Bridal Suite by silent sparrow - 550L

Review Copy: Technically, no.
Friends: Yes.

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Chapeau Tres Mignon

Proprietor/Designer Name: Megg Demina
Type of item/services: Hats, shoes, jewelry, other accessories
Price Range: 200L and up. Most shoes were 300L.
Location: Dreamworld East (184, 194, 21)
Quality: ****
Newbie-friendly: N/A
Customer Service: N/A
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: N/A
Designer Blog: N/A
Mailing List: Chapeau Tres Mignon group

Items reviewed: Fur booties (300L), Croc mustard heels (300L)

Well, I'm not sure how to start this entry. I had heard of the shop before, vaguely, but couldn't remember why. And when shoes to review were dropped on me, I thought, "But doesn't Chapeau mean 'hat'?" Mind, I minored in Russian in college, not French, so I wasn't totally sure and had to ask my husband who has taken French. But in high school, which - for us - was a very long time ago.

Let's not dwell on that, shall we?

Regardless, when I actually took a little trip to the shop (and had to bring in my friend to see all of the primmy sculptures - seriously, that twitching lobster made me a little nervous but she loved it) I realized that, yes, "chapeau" probably did mean hat and obviously the designer was branching into footwear, too.

The first pair of shoes are mustard-colored croc shoes. I'm sure no actual crocodiles were hurt in the making of these items. At least, I hope not. As you can see from the picture, these are works of prim art. The textures map beautifully and the little toggle is attached in exactly the right spot. Even the bottom of the shoe is set up perfectly, the sole contrasting with the top. The straps going across the shoe are tucked in firmly with no visible edges and the overall structure is excellent. I probably have hair that used less prims than these shoes did.

However, and I have to be honest about this - while they are constructed very well, I absolutely can't stand the pattern. (This is my personal opinion/preference only.) And seriously, I had a couple of options, maybe I'm too conservative. It's not that the texture is placed incorrectly - it's placed exactly right on this pair and all of the other pairs - I'm just more partial to plainer stuff, I guess, or not partial to animal prints. I think that more adventurous fashionistas would jump at them. :D

Also, I think that the toggle could be balanced out - right now it's the same exact toggle on both shoes. (You can kind of see what I mean in that first shot of the shoes.) If one side were angled a little bit differently I think it would be fine.

Click to enlarge.

The second pair of shoes I had much more personal preference for. They are, of course, well-constructed, as everything else seems to be by Ms. Demina from seeing the items in her shop. I love the fur accents and think they give a fun flair to the otherwise unadorned shoes. These shoes are laced and even the grommets look great. The ties are not perfectly together, which gives the shoe a more realistic look. Well, as realistic as you can get in SL. It also has even more prims than the crocodile shoes! The profile is great, I love the heel and the lines of the shoe, and I'd like to see more of both shoes... but perhaps in different color options or sans fur. :D

In conclusion: Ms. Demina turns out really great product in a unique style.

Review Copy: Yes.
Friends: No.

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Proprietor/Designer Name: Myllie Writer
Type of item/services: Women's clothing
Price Range: Range starts below 100L and doesn't go far.
Location: Southern Paradise (34, 123, 23)
Quality: ****
Newbie-friendly: Freebies in store.
Customer Service: Policy posted in store.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: N/A
Designer Blog: N/A
Mailing List: PERSONA - Update group

Items reviewed: Odette Silk Striped Dress (100L), Summer Dress (freebie), Thin Waist Bikini and Finest Black Bikini (sold in four-pack of swimsuits for 160L)

PERSONA is a fairly new design house. I had these review items dropped on me last month and got really busy, so I'm just now getting to them. PERSONA also presented recently for the Metro Models "New Shoots" show and I heard did really well. My friend Tanya Book wore one of her suits and had very positive feedback upon it.

For someone so new, Myllie Writer is turning out some nice and well-done clothing. Seams match and she has an excellent eye for color and pattern.

First up is the Odette Silk Striped dress. The textures are good and I really like the greyish color with the black accents. The fabric looks great. The skirt consists of three prims, which I found a little odd at first, since they're each separate. After some adjustment (and who has ever been able to put on something and not had to adjust it?) I think it works well. The skirt lies straighter and narrower and looks much better that way than if it'd been a typical prim skirt, so the reasoning behind it was made clear. The overall look is very good. It's a much more classic line, that would be perfect for the cocktail hour. I have to say that I really like that she went away from the traditional prim skirts for this, they're really getting tiresome when they're the only skirts designers put out and they all look the same except for the texture.

Click to enlarge.

The second dress has a fuller skirt and is brightly colored. It's actually one of three freebies in her shop. It's a fantastic party or sun dress and is very well-made for a freebie. In fact, when I first tried it on I was wondering how much it cost and if it came in different colors. :D I love the plunging neckline and the use of pattern is complementary to the whole design.

Finally, I have a couple of swimsuits. One of them, the last one pictured, is your fairly standard bikini. The other one, however, has a bit more style. They are sophisticated alternatives to typical beachwear with loud prints and colors.

I'm really not sure what else to say about the designs. They're very well-made, the designer obviously put a lot of thought into the execution and they're a nice addition to a fashion world that lacks a great deal of clothing with simple elegance and class. I look forward to seeing more items from her in the future.

Hair: Calico Creations Michelle
Make-up: Celestial Studios Fall 4 Cashmere - 1000L (although I bought it on sale)
Poses: Reel Movement

Review Copy: Yes.
Friends: No.

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~silent sparrow~

Proprietor/Designer Name: hyasynth Tiramisu
Type of item/services: Women's clothing, men's clothing
Price Range: Range starts around 200L and goes up. Most items seem to be in the 400-600L or so range.
Location: silent sparrow (61, 220, 32)
Quality: *****
Newbie-friendly: There is a lucky chair in-store.
Customer Service: She's very accessible via IM.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: N/A
Designer Blog: ~silent sparrow~
Mailing List: ~silentsparrow~ (she's very good to her update group, with really cool group exclusives/freebies - plus she doesn't post on FashCon, so this is the best way to get her newest release information and she just now added her blog to FashionPlanet.)

Item reviewed: Sanguine (450L), Mille-feuille suite (800L), fall is not easy (250L - but showing free lucky chair-only version)

First, a couple of things. I'd first heard about via some spotlights in Second Style. Very cool stuff, I thought, but then I never actually got around to visiting her shop.

Then I entered the Simone! Supermodels competition back in, gosh, May? There were going to be 30 finalists chosen who would each receive the next year's releases of clothing/hair from Simone!, Calico Creations and silent sparrow. I first started communicating with Ms. Tiramisu because my event (for the third round, I won't go into too many details, it's long) was supposed to take place on her sim, but then it ended up not happening, and I had another event that ended up being on Ms. Ingmann's sim. I'd never really interacted with either of those designers before and both of them turned out to be incredibly nice. (Ms. Stern I'd actually met via her philanthropic organization, Virtual Angels.)

Then, some stuff happened, and now the Supermodel group is no more. But Ms. Tiramisu and Ms. Ingmann still honor the agreement of the contest and continue to give the winners their new releases, which I (and the other models) find is totally awesome and really appreciate. It was very cool of them to do so, despite the collapse of the organization as it was originally presented to us.

More recently, I was supposed to be modeling a silent sparrow design in a runway show, but due to my computer's extreme incapability of dealing with Linden Lab's latest updates, which caused my avatar to not be able to walk in the "runway" fashion, I had to withdraw from the show. (And runway altogether until I can figure out my problems or get a new computer, oh well.) I felt really bad about not being able to do it, so I wanted to blog the items. I can do still photography like a mad woman, after all. :D

In fact, I used two of her outfits for my jewelry ads because they were the perfect fits for the looks I wanted to show off my jewelry. (If you're curious, I used the Victorian nightgowns for the constellation ads and the mille-feuille suite top for the cameo ad.) I was so pleased that she'd seen my ads and recognized her outfits - actually, I was just impressed someone'd seen my jewelry at all. :D

But I digress.

The actual design I was going to model is the first dress in this picture. It's called Sanguine and, like most of Ms. Tiramisu's designs, is highly detailed. I believe everything she does is hand-drawn, and she puts a lot of love and effort into all of her pieces. In fact, most of her sets have like, a gazillion pieces. There's different skirt options (usually multiple, for this particular outfit there are two prim skirts and a system skirt), sleeves, tops on different layers and different types, stockings, jackets, sleeves, lingerie, etc. I *love* the prim sleeves on this gown. They start at the elbow and have a wide ruffled cap. It's an elegant look for an elegant gown. The red accents take what could have been a very somber dress and make it more romantic. And the stockings, underneath the gown and not pictured here, add a nice sexy edge with their lace topping. All of her ensembles have multiple elements and I just chose to show one here.

I also want to note that her store is not all goth and dark products. She's got a ton of very colorful outfits (as you can see by the third outfit) available, I just happened to pick some that were not so much. :D

Click to enlarge.

The next dress is from the mille-feuille suite. This is also a ballgown, with the included prim skirt, but I wanted to show off the system skirt in this case. It's gorgeous. Who says system skirts can't be fab? Most of Ms. Tiramisu's ensembles include system options, and they're all great. In this particular case, I'm in love with the detailing and the way she utilized the alpha layers to give the skirt some transparency. The black on black is very well-done, with multiple textures used throghout. Ms. Tiramisu's prim sleeves for all of her outfits are particular favorite details of mine, and this outfit is no exception. This time, it drops down at the elbow with a flowing piece of fabric. Like all of her sets, there is a pair of pants included (one of my favorites of hers, actually) and the prim skirt option, as well as different top options. To give you an idea of pieces for mixing and matching, most of her sets include from five to 11 different pieces... sometimes more.

Finally, my new favorite of her newest releases (and actually, most new releases I've seen in a while). This particular version is the exclusive lucky chair version, the retail versions are in different colors but still supercute. It's called "fall is not easy" and shows you that Ms. Tiramisu can turn out great casualwear in addition to her more formal pieces. I just can't get over how adorable this outfit is. The set includes a little sweater with (cute) embroidered flowers; a sleeveless top with great buttons and embroidered detail, as well as a floral print; and a pair of wide leg gauchos or capri pants with prim cuffs. I love this outfit, and even my fashion-unconscious friend Jen loves it, too. :D Which says a lot. This is, unlike some other silent sparrow releases (if only I could go to a ball), something I would totally wear in real life.

If you haven't checked out silent sparrow yet, do so soon!

Hair: Calico Creations (from left to right) - Calico, Tesha, Sarah II
Make-up: Tete a Pied (from left to right) - Cream Feline 1, Cream Feline 2, Just Lips 2 - 500L each, 1200L for three-pack
Shoes: Shiny Things Criss Cross Ballet Flats - 250L
Poses: Reel Movement

Review Copy: Technically, no.
Friends: No

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The first review of LaynieWear is here. It will later be updated with this entry.

Proprietor/Designer Name: Laynie Link
Type of item/services: Women's clothing
Price Range: Very, very reasonably priced.
Location: One World Island Court, One World (165, 81, 30)
Quality: ****
Newbie-friendly: She has a couple of freebie items in her shop.
Customer Service: She's very accessible via IM and has a little box in her store letting you know if she's online or off.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: N/A
Designer Blog: LaynieWear
Mailing List: LaynieWear

Item reviewed: Hibiscus Dreams outfit (200L), Mango Bree dress (250L), and Teagan Bamboo bodice (100L), bindis (100L for eight)

Laynie Link, as long as I've known her, has always turned out really great stuff at awesome prices. Her newest releases are no exceptions.

From the left, it's the Hibiscus Dreams dress. I only showed you one incarnation of this outfit, because it was my favorite, but it has more options as well. Here it is with the pink blouse and long prim skirt. My favorite part is actually the blouse - I love the detailing. The seams are featured and the pattern on the bodice is very elegant. The colors in the pattern match it up to the skirt wonderfully.

Second is the Bree dress, in Mango. I think I also own this dress in pink or purple, I forget. It includes 16 individual pieces. There are a couple of skirt options (longer prim skirt or shorter) and also includes some jewelry. I'm wearing the matching mango stripe bangle in this particular picture. The pattern matches well throughout the prims and the texture parts of the outfit and looks great. I'm also wearing one of her bindis (on the forehead, of course) which is a prim attachment, not a texture. There are several color choices available as well and in the set you get all eight colors.

Finally, the Teagan Bamboo top. Or bodice, rather. I used to work for the Renaissance festival (haha, don't laugh - I taught dance, okay?) and this kind of wench top was a pretty common sight. I own a couple, although not the underbosom design. (I had to have the other kind, that would do more "propping up" since my real life bosom ain't all that. :D) Anyway! I digress. It's a very cute bodice and the detailing is great. The white undershirt even has the shading necessary to pull off the illusion of gathered fabric, and the full sleeves really complete the look.

Hair: ETD Elika II - 300L for natural pack
Make-up: Tete a Pied Just Lips - 500L
Jeans (in third picture): Launa Fauna Ingenue jeans - 200L

Click to enlarge.

Review Copy: Yes
Friends: No

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Tete a Pied - new Vivant line

Proprietor/Designer Name: Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot
Type of item/services: Women's skins, men's skins, women's clothing, women's accessories
Price Range: Skin singles - 500L. Four-packs - 1200L
Location: Nouveau 220, 166, 22
Quality: *****
Newbie-friendly: Men and women's skins on stand near entrance to store for free to newbies under 30 days.
Customer Service: Policy in store.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: Caledon 197, 145, 23 (Lassitude and Ennui)
Designer Blog: Sous Ma Peau - Under My Skin
Mailing List: Tete a Pied.

Item reviewed: Tete a Pied Vivant skins: Buff Natural 1, Buff Pin-up 1, Blush Candy 3, Bronze Basic Nude 1

I have to say... Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot, while very talented... are insane. Mind, I love it, and I'm sure many others do as well, but still. They are out of their freakin' minds!

They recently had a huge sale where they got rid of pretty much their entire inventory, right? So what was going to replace it? I figured, oh, ...I know they've added skins gradually, so I thought that what we might get was a nice little starter set of a few make-up options and skintones, and then every month or so we'd get a few more available, right? That seems to be how most shops do it.

Well, that was not so! When I went into the preview event not really sure how many to expect, although Ms. Petion had mentioned something about 288 different skins and blurriness... There were sixteen different posters up. That's sixteen make-up lines, people. For each make-up line, there are three different make-ups for each skintone. There are six different skintones. Let's do the math, folks... that'd be... hold on, lemme pull out a calculator... Yes, that's... Roslin Petion and CJ Carnot are bonkers! And they also have a new newbie skin for avatars under 30 days. Since their opening premiere they've added three or four more options.

They've also, and this is the BEST PART... reduced their prices! Single skins now sell for 500L, which is fantastic. Three-packs go for 1200L. So now you're getting a fabulous look for much, much less than most of the retailers going rates out there. I know skins take a lot of work to make, but some of the pricing structures are crazy - however, the market decides! Anyway, this is so much more reasonable, in my opinion. Sin Skins is the only other high quality vendor that I can think of offhand who offers skins for 500L.

Okay, now that that's out of the way... Let me tell you a little about some of the make-up options. They range from "gothy", to natural to classic and glamorous. The skintones are a natural progression, starting with pale and ending with a quite nice dark skin.

The four make-ups that I'm previewing here are just a few examples. Out of pretty much all of the skins I've seen, the make-ups at Tete a Pied are among the most gorgeous and detailed. To start with, the Candy makeup is bright and perky. The lips are full and round. Eye color is a contrast. These are easygoing and fun make-ups.

The first is the Basic Nude 1 in bronze. Now, here's where I mention one of my favorite features of the new line: There's some great options. Basic Nude, Basic Pink and Basic Red. Then, for those of us who sometimes forgo the extreme (or even not-so-extreme) eye make-up, there's a "Just Lips" line. (Which is now one of my regular make-ups.) Now, back to this particular make-up - my big thing is the lip shape. And I love this one. It's also got just the right amount of shine to it that doesn't make it feel like a bright light is shining on your face all the time. I'm also a big fan of elegantly "underdone" looks, and this one fits the bill perfectly. Even better? There's two more options in this line.

The second is the "Natural 1" in buff (my preferred tone). The lip color is, well, natural, and there's no eye make-up. I was a little disconcerted at first, but actually - I really like it. I may have to play around with my prim eyelashes with this make-up, though. :D

Third, the Candy makeup 3 in blush is bright and perky. The lips are full and round. Eye color is a contrast. These are easygoing and fun make-ups.

And finally, my favorite make-up of the bunch - the Pin-up 1 in buff. The shape of the lips is great, the eye make-up is fun, and the color palette is just a winning combination. This one reminded me of how much I loved my Fetish Miao make-up from Canimal. There's also a "Feline" make-up line that I plan on investigating as well.

The skin tones are a natural progression and all quite nice. However, in looking closer at the skins the detailing is very subtle and not as defined as in other skins. Personally, I don't mind it that much as I'm more about the make-up. There is knee definition and collarbone, but not that dark. One of the problems I have noticed with detail that is too dark and contrasting is that it looks pasted onto the skin - the Vivant line avoids any look of puzzle piece skins with their blending techniques. Or drawing. I'm not an artist, ya know? :D

Click to enlarge.

I did have some issues with the eyes on two of the skins I tried on. Both of them were missing some filling of the texture map underneath the eyeballs - that's the best way I can think of to describe it. (One was fixed, the corrected version is shown here. One was not.) Most, if not </i>all</i>, people will not notice this issue, I just happen to be OCD and got the few skins that it hadn't been caught on.

Hair: CS/LC - Spring Enchantress 3 - discontinued
Outfit: Sioxie Legends Bikini in Lavender
Poses: Luth Brodie and Digital Dragon Designs

Review Copy: Yes
Friends: No

soak up the sun

Sand Shack Surf Co. Mega-Sale/Fundraiser.

Sand Shack Surf Co., home to the most adorable beach-inspired clothing and accessories on the grid, is one of my very favorite places to shop in all of Second Life... and now it's in need of some help. Owner and designer Emma Gilmour found out the hard way that laptops don't like strawberry milkshakes, and she's holding a huge sale to raise the money she needs to fix her computer and keep Sand Shack Surf Co. running.

The items upstairs in Surf Co.'s artilleri location have been marked down (many from 40-50% of their original cost), and Emma will be releasing new goodies also deeply discounted from her already-affordable prices. For those generous souls among you, there's a donation pot, too, and a special "Save Surf Co." tee sells for just 10L.

You can find more info at Emma's blog, Everything Beachy, or visit Sand Shack Surf Co. in-world at artilleri (90, 179, 24). Even if you don't have a lot of Lindens to spend, remember, every little bit counts! And besides, that 10L tee is really cute. =)

ETA (8-23-07): Sand Shack Surf Co. is saved! Emma Gilmour gives us the scoop in her blog:

Hello everyone! The fundraiser is over and the goal was met!!!!!! Thank you so so so much for all of your support and encouragement!! I will have a working puter back in no time!! :DDDDD I'm so humbled by all the people that came out of nowheres to help me out on this... gah... I really can't even explain. But I hope to see all of you around again - Also, I will be keeping all of the upstairs items on sale regardless of the fundraiser being over.. and soon will be having a clearance sale to make room for the fall goodies :DDDD

One last THANK YOU <3 and CHEERS for being able to return my BF's laptop to him!!! HOORAYY :DDDDD


Totally tubular! :D Thanks to those of you who chipped in to help a fellow Resident keep from wiping out! This Surf Co. fan, for one, is really grateful that Emma will be able to continue creating her fabulous clothing and other goodies... although my Linden balance may not feel the same way. =) You'll be seeing me at the ongoing sale upstairs!

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Namiko Surf Co. - Maya Bikini and Maya Jewelry Set

Proprietor/Designer Name: Keala Mimistrobell
Type of item/services: Surf fashion/swimwear (bikinis, boardshorts, wetsuits), gear (working surfboards, including customs), and accessories (jewelry)
Price Range: Single items of clothing range from 100L (the Camo line of boardshorts) to 450L (wetsuits), with multipacks available at a discount; pre-designed surfboards are 555L, while custom boards start out at 2500L.
Location: Quan Li (200, 130, 22)
Quality: *****
Newbie-friendly: N/A
Customer Service: Notecards in product packages outlining service. Refund policy clearly stated on wall.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: Most locations offer a freebie Namiko tee in both a men's and women's version.
Other locations: Tons! Bundoran Reef (42, 49, 26); Chi (191, 137, 30); Cocololo Island (239, 165, 23); Hedonism XII (21, 238, 25); JONES BEACH (132, 33, 23); Laguna (184, 85, 23); SLeek (234, 79, 32); Toowoomba (8, 27, 77); Venice Beach (88, 142, 25), and many more -- check here for a complete, up-to-date list.
Designer Blog:
Mailing List: Namiko Surf Co.

Items reviewed: swimwear (Maya Bikini) and jewelry (Maya Jewelry Set)

If it isn't obvious by now, I adore Namiko Surf Co., both for its products and its philosophy. When I find out that owner Keala Mimistrobell is releasing something new, I start salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs. I love the cuts and colors of Namiko's bikinis, and now? Now, Ms. Mimistrobell is dabbling in jewelry.

Oh, my heart. :D

The Maya Collection was designed for the new Visit Mexico sim, whose developers wanted something Mayan-themed to help promote its debut, and Keala totally delivered: bikinis in five "Visit Mexico"-inspired colors, each with three different bottoms, and coordinating jewelry sets including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. The bikinis are sold separately by color or in an "Everything Set," as is each set of jewelry. First up in this review: the bikinis!

In past releases, I've loved the prints seen on Namiko's swimwear, and the Maya collection doesn't disappoint. I think the intricate yet organic pattern on the Maya bikinis is absolutely gorgeous; it's interesting to look at without being gaudy, and, for me, it certainly evokes a Mayan feel. The colors are wonderful, too -- "Azul" (blue), "Baya" (berry), "Cereza" (cherry), "Oro" (gold), and "Verde" (green). My personal favorites are "Azul" and "Oro"; I wish I had bikinis like this in my First Life!

The bikinis themselves are great, too, with their modest-but-sexy cut and the three different bottoms included with each color. You have your standard bikini bottom, a bikini bottom with a ring on the left hip, and a pair of boyshorts for good measure. In the photo below, "Oro" (left) shows the standard bottom, "Azul" (right) the one with the ring, and "Verde" (center) the boyshorts. Three bikini bottoms for the price of one -- not bad!

Unlike the two previous bikinis that I've reviewed here in slshopping, the Maya bikinis are available on the T-shirt and pants layers. This means that ladies can't wear these bikini tops under their freebie Namiko tees (sad!), but it also means that Maya plays nice with your tattoos. Yay! The bikinis are no-copy, no-mod, but they're transfer-okay in case you want to share el amor with your friends.

Maya Bikini in (from left to right) "Oro," "Verde," and "Azul" - 195L per color; 950L for all five colors

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Hair: Houstonia by Calla - 200L
Skin: Fresh Sol (newbie skin) by Sin Skins - 1L for Residents under 30 days; 500L otherwise
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes in Deep Blue by Shapes by Zada - 100L
Jewelry: Maya Jewelry Set in "Cereza" by Namiko Surf Co. ("Oro" and "Azul" bikinis) - 375L; Maya Jewelry Set in "Verde" by Namiko Surf Co. ("Verde" bikini) - 375L
Tattoos: "Maria" by Tiki Tattoo - 240L (custom shown); "Moorea" by Tiki Tattoo - 160L

Now, the jewelry! The Maya Jewelry Set is one of Keala's first attempts at crafting jewelry, and I think it's fabulous; I've barely taken off my set since I got it. Like the bikinis, the jewelry comes in five colors -- "Azul," "Baya," "Cereza," "Oro," and "Verde" -- which you can mix-and-match to suit your mood; for instance, I like wearing "Cereza" jewelry with pretty much everything, no matter the color.

The pieces included in each set are a pair of small hoop earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, and an anklet. With the exception of the bracelet, which is the more sophisticated sibling of the Ironwood Bangles included with the Pacific Harbour Bikini, all of the jewelry is strung with a variety of beads for a simple, natural look.

Like the Maya Bikini, the Maya Jewelry Set is no-copy and no-mod, which is something to keep in mind if your shape is considerably out of the ordinary, but I didn't have any difficulty fitting each piece to my avatar.

If this represents some of Keala Mimistrobell's first attempts at jewelry... wow! For someone who seeks out natural-looking jewelry that wouldn't seem out of place at the beach, the Maya Jewelry Set is perfect, especially when paired with the Maya Bikini.

Maya Jewelry Set in "Cereza" - 375L; 1850L for all five colors

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Hair: Houstonia by Calla - 200L
Skin: Fresh Sol (newbie skin) by Sin Skins - 1L for Residents under 30 days; 500L otherwise
Eyes: EyeFidelity RealEyes in Deep Blue by Shapes by Zada - 100L
Bikini: Maya Bikini in "Oro" by Namiko Surf Co. - 195L
Tattoos: "Maria" by Tiki Tattoo - 240L (custom shown); "Moorea" by Tiki Tattoo - 160L

Review Copy: Yes
Friends: No