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Second Life Shopping Guide

Your Consumer Resource

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This is an informational resource for shopping in the game Second Life. Started originally by Delfina Vacano because, as a newbie, she had no idea where to go to find good gear at decent prices. She (and now new writer Coral Cortes) strive to provide pertinent details about stores for your reference.

We would like to maximize your shopping experience in Second Life and therefore have developed the following list of items to give you when reviewing a store.

Store Name
Proprietor/Designer Name
Type of item/services (category - clothing, hair, skins, etc. Tags will delineate subcategories like formalwear, casual, etc.)
Price Range (will give example of lowest priced item and highest priced item)
Location (to use, bring up your map and do a search for the region, then type in the coordinates. After entering, you can teleport to the site)
Quality (five-star system based on items/services acquired from store, full review and pictures to follow at bottom of entry - not all stores will have a Quality listing at first)

To clarify, since it's been asked:

Overall good stores with quality products and clear customer service policies will receive four stars; if our socks are knocked off they'll get five. Scores can vary between one and five stars, depending on product quality and customer service. We generally try not to review stores that are three stars and below. If the designer requests more explanation above and beyond the content of our review, we will be happy to elaborate.

Newbie-friendly (are there items/services provided specifically for newbies?)
Customer Service (Policies seen in store or customer service experienced)
Clearance rack/Sales outlet (for those bargain hunters)
Other locations
Designer Blog
Mailing List

Review Policy:
If it's a store and items or services can be bought from there, it can be reviewed. IM or drop Delfina Vacano or Coral Cortes a notecard in-world or e-mail delfina at dizzygirl dot org or leave a comment in the guide. If you do send items to review (and if you send something, it will definitely get reviewed! - there is no guarantee on posting date, however), please make sure to include your landmark and some basic store information. If a review copy is requested one of two things will happen: A review will be posted within three days or an explanation as to why the product was not reviewed will be sent to the designer.

Also, if you would like a personal shopper, Delfina Vacano is available for you! Just contact her to set up the details. She'll need your budget, your tastes, if it's a particular event she'll need those details - and she will set you up! If you are an under-30 day newbie to Second Life and would like a whirlwind tour to pick up freebies from various stores, please IM Delfina Vacano in-world or leave a note on the journal or whatever, contact her, and she'll show you around!

Last, but not least, if you would like a model for shows or whatnot, let Delfina Vacano know.