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Chapeau Tres Mignon

Proprietor/Designer Name: Megg Demina
Type of item/services: Hats, shoes, jewelry, other accessories
Price Range: 200L and up. Most shoes were 300L.
Location: Dreamworld East (184, 194, 21)
Quality: ****
Newbie-friendly: N/A
Customer Service: N/A
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: N/A
Designer Blog: N/A
Mailing List: Chapeau Tres Mignon group

Items reviewed: Fur booties (300L), Croc mustard heels (300L)

Well, I'm not sure how to start this entry. I had heard of the shop before, vaguely, but couldn't remember why. And when shoes to review were dropped on me, I thought, "But doesn't Chapeau mean 'hat'?" Mind, I minored in Russian in college, not French, so I wasn't totally sure and had to ask my husband who has taken French. But in high school, which - for us - was a very long time ago.

Let's not dwell on that, shall we?

Regardless, when I actually took a little trip to the shop (and had to bring in my friend to see all of the primmy sculptures - seriously, that twitching lobster made me a little nervous but she loved it) I realized that, yes, "chapeau" probably did mean hat and obviously the designer was branching into footwear, too.

The first pair of shoes are mustard-colored croc shoes. I'm sure no actual crocodiles were hurt in the making of these items. At least, I hope not. As you can see from the picture, these are works of prim art. The textures map beautifully and the little toggle is attached in exactly the right spot. Even the bottom of the shoe is set up perfectly, the sole contrasting with the top. The straps going across the shoe are tucked in firmly with no visible edges and the overall structure is excellent. I probably have hair that used less prims than these shoes did.

However, and I have to be honest about this - while they are constructed very well, I absolutely can't stand the pattern. (This is my personal opinion/preference only.) And seriously, I had a couple of options, maybe I'm too conservative. It's not that the texture is placed incorrectly - it's placed exactly right on this pair and all of the other pairs - I'm just more partial to plainer stuff, I guess, or not partial to animal prints. I think that more adventurous fashionistas would jump at them. :D

Also, I think that the toggle could be balanced out - right now it's the same exact toggle on both shoes. (You can kind of see what I mean in that first shot of the shoes.) If one side were angled a little bit differently I think it would be fine.

Click to enlarge.

The second pair of shoes I had much more personal preference for. They are, of course, well-constructed, as everything else seems to be by Ms. Demina from seeing the items in her shop. I love the fur accents and think they give a fun flair to the otherwise unadorned shoes. These shoes are laced and even the grommets look great. The ties are not perfectly together, which gives the shoe a more realistic look. Well, as realistic as you can get in SL. It also has even more prims than the crocodile shoes! The profile is great, I love the heel and the lines of the shoe, and I'd like to see more of both shoes... but perhaps in different color options or sans fur. :D

In conclusion: Ms. Demina turns out really great product in a unique style.

Review Copy: Yes.
Friends: No.


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Oct. 1st, 2007 04:56 am (UTC)
ankle boots with fur lining, hmmm: http://aspiresl.blogspot.com/2007/09/those-boots.html

Aug. 6th, 2010 11:10 am (UTC)
You didn't tell anything about the shoes prices, were they spicy or not? I think this is very important to know, even though i would like the product i might not buy it if i would consider the price to be too much for it. I always try to save whenever it's possible, so i prefer to compare the prices before i take the decision to buy, i have even applied for an easy saver program just to make sure that i always get the best deals.
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