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~silent sparrow~

Proprietor/Designer Name: hyasynth Tiramisu
Type of item/services: Women's clothing, men's clothing
Price Range: Range starts around 200L and goes up. Most items seem to be in the 400-600L or so range.
Location: silent sparrow (61, 220, 32)
Quality: *****
Newbie-friendly: There is a lucky chair in-store.
Customer Service: She's very accessible via IM.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: N/A
Designer Blog: ~silent sparrow~
Mailing List: ~silentsparrow~ (she's very good to her update group, with really cool group exclusives/freebies - plus she doesn't post on FashCon, so this is the best way to get her newest release information and she just now added her blog to FashionPlanet.)

Item reviewed: Sanguine (450L), Mille-feuille suite (800L), fall is not easy (250L - but showing free lucky chair-only version)

First, a couple of things. I'd first heard about via some spotlights in Second Style. Very cool stuff, I thought, but then I never actually got around to visiting her shop.

Then I entered the Simone! Supermodels competition back in, gosh, May? There were going to be 30 finalists chosen who would each receive the next year's releases of clothing/hair from Simone!, Calico Creations and silent sparrow. I first started communicating with Ms. Tiramisu because my event (for the third round, I won't go into too many details, it's long) was supposed to take place on her sim, but then it ended up not happening, and I had another event that ended up being on Ms. Ingmann's sim. I'd never really interacted with either of those designers before and both of them turned out to be incredibly nice. (Ms. Stern I'd actually met via her philanthropic organization, Virtual Angels.)

Then, some stuff happened, and now the Supermodel group is no more. But Ms. Tiramisu and Ms. Ingmann still honor the agreement of the contest and continue to give the winners their new releases, which I (and the other models) find is totally awesome and really appreciate. It was very cool of them to do so, despite the collapse of the organization as it was originally presented to us.

More recently, I was supposed to be modeling a silent sparrow design in a runway show, but due to my computer's extreme incapability of dealing with Linden Lab's latest updates, which caused my avatar to not be able to walk in the "runway" fashion, I had to withdraw from the show. (And runway altogether until I can figure out my problems or get a new computer, oh well.) I felt really bad about not being able to do it, so I wanted to blog the items. I can do still photography like a mad woman, after all. :D

In fact, I used two of her outfits for my jewelry ads because they were the perfect fits for the looks I wanted to show off my jewelry. (If you're curious, I used the Victorian nightgowns for the constellation ads and the mille-feuille suite top for the cameo ad.) I was so pleased that she'd seen my ads and recognized her outfits - actually, I was just impressed someone'd seen my jewelry at all. :D

But I digress.

The actual design I was going to model is the first dress in this picture. It's called Sanguine and, like most of Ms. Tiramisu's designs, is highly detailed. I believe everything she does is hand-drawn, and she puts a lot of love and effort into all of her pieces. In fact, most of her sets have like, a gazillion pieces. There's different skirt options (usually multiple, for this particular outfit there are two prim skirts and a system skirt), sleeves, tops on different layers and different types, stockings, jackets, sleeves, lingerie, etc. I *love* the prim sleeves on this gown. They start at the elbow and have a wide ruffled cap. It's an elegant look for an elegant gown. The red accents take what could have been a very somber dress and make it more romantic. And the stockings, underneath the gown and not pictured here, add a nice sexy edge with their lace topping. All of her ensembles have multiple elements and I just chose to show one here.

I also want to note that her store is not all goth and dark products. She's got a ton of very colorful outfits (as you can see by the third outfit) available, I just happened to pick some that were not so much. :D

Click to enlarge.

The next dress is from the mille-feuille suite. This is also a ballgown, with the included prim skirt, but I wanted to show off the system skirt in this case. It's gorgeous. Who says system skirts can't be fab? Most of Ms. Tiramisu's ensembles include system options, and they're all great. In this particular case, I'm in love with the detailing and the way she utilized the alpha layers to give the skirt some transparency. The black on black is very well-done, with multiple textures used throghout. Ms. Tiramisu's prim sleeves for all of her outfits are particular favorite details of mine, and this outfit is no exception. This time, it drops down at the elbow with a flowing piece of fabric. Like all of her sets, there is a pair of pants included (one of my favorites of hers, actually) and the prim skirt option, as well as different top options. To give you an idea of pieces for mixing and matching, most of her sets include from five to 11 different pieces... sometimes more.

Finally, my new favorite of her newest releases (and actually, most new releases I've seen in a while). This particular version is the exclusive lucky chair version, the retail versions are in different colors but still supercute. It's called "fall is not easy" and shows you that Ms. Tiramisu can turn out great casualwear in addition to her more formal pieces. I just can't get over how adorable this outfit is. The set includes a little sweater with (cute) embroidered flowers; a sleeveless top with great buttons and embroidered detail, as well as a floral print; and a pair of wide leg gauchos or capri pants with prim cuffs. I love this outfit, and even my fashion-unconscious friend Jen loves it, too. :D Which says a lot. This is, unlike some other silent sparrow releases (if only I could go to a ball), something I would totally wear in real life.

If you haven't checked out silent sparrow yet, do so soon!

Hair: Calico Creations (from left to right) - Calico, Tesha, Sarah II
Make-up: Tete a Pied (from left to right) - Cream Feline 1, Cream Feline 2, Just Lips 2 - 500L each, 1200L for three-pack
Shoes: Shiny Things Criss Cross Ballet Flats - 250L
Poses: Reel Movement

Review Copy: Technically, no.
Friends: No


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