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The first review of LaynieWear is here. It will later be updated with this entry.

Proprietor/Designer Name: Laynie Link
Type of item/services: Women's clothing
Price Range: Very, very reasonably priced.
Location: One World Island Court, One World (165, 81, 30)
Quality: ****
Newbie-friendly: She has a couple of freebie items in her shop.
Customer Service: She's very accessible via IM and has a little box in her store letting you know if she's online or off.
Clearance rack/Sales outlet: N/A
Other locations: N/A
Designer Blog: LaynieWear
Mailing List: LaynieWear

Item reviewed: Hibiscus Dreams outfit (200L), Mango Bree dress (250L), and Teagan Bamboo bodice (100L), bindis (100L for eight)

Laynie Link, as long as I've known her, has always turned out really great stuff at awesome prices. Her newest releases are no exceptions.

From the left, it's the Hibiscus Dreams dress. I only showed you one incarnation of this outfit, because it was my favorite, but it has more options as well. Here it is with the pink blouse and long prim skirt. My favorite part is actually the blouse - I love the detailing. The seams are featured and the pattern on the bodice is very elegant. The colors in the pattern match it up to the skirt wonderfully.

Second is the Bree dress, in Mango. I think I also own this dress in pink or purple, I forget. It includes 16 individual pieces. There are a couple of skirt options (longer prim skirt or shorter) and also includes some jewelry. I'm wearing the matching mango stripe bangle in this particular picture. The pattern matches well throughout the prims and the texture parts of the outfit and looks great. I'm also wearing one of her bindis (on the forehead, of course) which is a prim attachment, not a texture. There are several color choices available as well and in the set you get all eight colors.

Finally, the Teagan Bamboo top. Or bodice, rather. I used to work for the Renaissance festival (haha, don't laugh - I taught dance, okay?) and this kind of wench top was a pretty common sight. I own a couple, although not the underbosom design. (I had to have the other kind, that would do more "propping up" since my real life bosom ain't all that. :D) Anyway! I digress. It's a very cute bodice and the detailing is great. The white undershirt even has the shading necessary to pull off the illusion of gathered fabric, and the full sleeves really complete the look.

Hair: ETD Elika II - 300L for natural pack
Make-up: Tete a Pied Just Lips - 500L
Jeans (in third picture): Launa Fauna Ingenue jeans - 200L

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